The essence of network marketing

The InService @ VCon 2011

If you have been in this business for awhile, let me ask you something. What is the essence of network marketing? Is it trust? Integrity? Freedom?

All of these count, but ultimately the essence of network marketing is service. In fact, if you understand what it means to be in service, you will understand network marketing. And if you understand network marketing, you will know how to achieve your goals in this business.

Essentially, service means serving without quantifying, serving in a selfless manner — service above the self! Service is about giving, not


 taking, because that is where true strength lies.

Let’s be honest here. How many of you are too preoccupied with when your next cheque will come? Are you sometimes so engrossed in calculating profits that you forget what it means to be a leader?

If you keep focusing on the small things, your mindset will remain small. Remember, wealth is not your bank statement; wealth is a state of mind. If the most successful men were suddenly robbed of their riches, do you think they would stay broke? Of course not, because they know exactly how to return to that state of success.

For a network leader to reach that state of success, you must first pass the ultimate test of strength: learning to be in service. Why? Leadership is also about service: you have to carry your team members and serve them willingly, patiently, persistently. When you serve them, they will serve you. That is why true leaders are called servant leaders, and why I am first and foremost a network marketer, not Managing Partner or Executive Chairman.

A fine example of leadership through selfless service is our InService Brotherhood, comprising our own brothers and sisters in the network who readily volunteer their services for free at each V event.

Being part of the InService tests their level of commitment to humble servitude, an essential lesson to be learned before they can become great leaders and guide their teams to success. It is more than a tradition, it is the way of life of a true servant leader!

Tell me, my fellow networkers: Do you truly understand the essence of network marketing? Are you doing what you must to be a good leader? How can you be of better service to others? Do share your stories with me.


Dear Sir,

You are right, i also forgot service and was engrossed with money. Will practice your lesson-serve others. Its easier said than done. Laziness, ego sways us, but success would only come through service. I ll remember this.

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