Vijay Eswaran on building a Global Brand

We see ourselves as an International Company. Hong Kong as a country has an international brand appeal and people in HK are global in their thinking. So, Hong Kong being what it was, we don’t see ourselves as Asian, but as international. This has been our strength. Our branding has always been global and with the internet as our modality there were no barriers – currency, language, economic. Service with quality and affordability for us became our branding.

Vijay Eswaran on Philanthropy

As far as I am concerned, CSR is just new PR jargon. CSR should not be used as a cosmetic camouflage to show that we are responsible corporate citizens. It should be the inherent purpose of our being. As a businessman, I definitely agree that profit should be our driving force. But our primary purpose should be above and beyond profit. To build a better place, a better environment, a better future for our children.