Vijay?s inspirations ? Business & Personal

Ironically, a great part of my business inspiration comes from Mahatma Gandhi because most of my management principles are drawn from him. He was not a politician, nor a general, nor was he a businessman, nor was he a prophet espousing any particular religion. His life was his message and when he left this world, he created an impact. He created a crater in the mind of man that no other man has been able to do since. And not many have been able to do before. Also, I find it very practical to apply Chanakya’s principles of arthashastra when it comes to running business. I can also draw my business inspirations from people like Martin Luther King or Mandela!

Vijay?s thoughts on Spirituality

The path of spirituality is essential to what we do in business. Spirituality has new meanings. For many, it is a dirty word; for others it is a new-age fad. There are very few who realise the value of spirituality in day-to-day management of work and life. Spirituality is a force in management. It is in fact a strong business concept.

Vijay Eswaran?s reflections on Success

The difference between success and failure is simple; the one who makes it to the top is the one who lasted, pushed and survived just that little bit longer. Giving up is easier to do that holding your ground. The only difference is now I’m not going to give up when others do. There’s nothing secretive about it " it’s about being able to complete the process.