Pushing through

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Do you find yourself in doubt sometimes?

When these moments shadow us and we are short on belief, this is natural. But we must overcome this doubt or run the risk of it festering within. If you are a leader, it can spread like a virus and infect your team!

To push through, try this four-fold approach from the Arthashastra, written over a thousand years ago by Chanakya:

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With commitment, anything is possible

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If belief is the fuel and focus is the navigation system, commitment is staying on the path until you reach your goal. Only when you understand commitment, can you achieve success.

We began just like you, as Network Marketers with the sole purpose of being financially free. We were hit by challenge after challenge, yet we survived. Why?

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The power of focus


Recently I wrote about the importance of belief as the first step to success, and spoke about it at V-Malaysia 2011. The next step is focus. Once you believe, you need to identify your goal and do everything you can to get there.

Take the sun for example. Without focus, the power of its rays goes everywhere. With focus, say from a magnifying glass, just the smallest ray of sunshine can start a fire. That magnifying glass exists in your mind, and that is what we call focus.

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Believe, and the world is yours


Belief is the single most powerful force.

When you believe, you can achieve anything. Great inventors believed in what they were doing. Although failure after failure came, they kept going, driven by the belief that what they were doing had to work. Success does not stem from the belief that something can work; it’s the belief that something must work!

Let me tell you a great story I heard long ago that still resonates with me today:

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Environmental Vegetarianism


I am often puzzled by people who claim to be environmentally conscious, who go green in their efforts to help preserve the planet’s natural resources, and yet at the same time they eat meat, a major contributor to the environmental problems we face today.

Not many people realise that the consumption of meat contributes to the increase of our carbon footprint, especially when eating the meat of poultry and cattle reared on farms meant specifically for human consumption.

I won’t bore you with statistics at this stage, but will present you with some known facts that will help you see how environmentally unsustainable meat consumption is.

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