The power of focus


Recently I wrote about the importance of belief as the first step to success, and spoke about it at V-Malaysia 2011. The next step is focus. Once you believe, you need to identify your goal and do everything you can to get there.

Take the sun for example. Without focus, the power of its rays goes everywhere. With focus, say from a magnifying glass, just the smallest ray of sunshine can start a fire. That magnifying glass exists in your mind, and that is what we call focus.

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Believe, and the world is yours


Belief is the single most powerful force.

When you believe, you can achieve anything. Great inventors believed in what they were doing. Although failure after failure came, they kept going, driven by the belief that what they were doing had to work. Success does not stem from the belief that something can work; it’s the belief that something must work!

Let me tell you a great story I heard long ago that still resonates with me today:

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Environmental Vegetarianism


I am often puzzled by people who claim to be environmentally conscious, who go green in their efforts to help preserve the planet’s natural resources, and yet at the same time they eat meat, a major contributor to the environmental problems we face today.

Not many people realise that the consumption of meat contributes to the increase of our carbon footprint, especially when eating the meat of poultry and cattle reared on farms meant specifically for human consumption.

I won’t bore you with statistics at this stage, but will present you with some known facts that will help you see how environmentally unsustainable meat consumption is.

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Have A Blessed Easter!


The Greatest Networker in history, a vegetarian (as claimed by many) named JESUS, had no servants, yet they called him master.

He had no degree, yet they called him teacher.

Had no medicines, yet they called him healer.

He had no army, yet kings feared him.

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world.

He committed no crime, yet they crucified him.

He was buried in a tomb yet he lives today.

The power of networking is touching people’s lives and transforming them.

Happy Easter!




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Podcast #2: In Conversation with OS Arun

Many of you are aware that Vijayaratnam Foundation recently organised a fundraiser performance of the classical dance drama production Dasavatar in Malaysia recently.

Accompanying the dancers in this beautiful production was the man popularly referred to as the Prince Charming of Carnatic Music, the legendary O.S.Arun from India. A versatile singer whose astounding range of music in performance have often proved his remarkable ability to infuse traditional composition with new vigour and impact.

I had the opportunity to invite him to be a part of this podcast and talk to him about reaching the youth through music and culture. I present to you, my conversation with O.S.Arun.

In Conversation with OS Arun by VijayEswaran

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